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Trading Session with Alpha Group

Warm Rotaract Greetings

We at Rotaract Club of Pune Mideast & Alpha Group conducted an Online session on Stocks and Trading in collaboration with

▪️ Rotaract Club of Pune Sunrise

▪️ Rotaract Club of Poona South

▪️ Rotaract Club of SBPIM

▪️ Rotaract Club of Pune Camp Horizon

▪️ Rotaract Club of DYPACS

Rotaractors enjoyed the learning about Stocks and Trading from the speaker, Mr. Arjun Rathod

Many people involve themselves into trading but find it difficult or wait for the right guidance and sometimes even get discouraged during the process or to follow this path. So from this session we learnt a lot of terms and terminologies and tried developing the skill set required for the same.

It was a need of the hour because these days everyone is trying learn about stocks and trading and thus we had a very good and positive response from the members.


Rotaract Club of Pune Mideast

Zone 3

Rotaract District 3131

Unite. Lead. Inspire.

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