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Awards Night

Success belongs to those who believes in it the most and believe in it the longest.

On 12th May, we Rotaract Club of Pune Mideast hosted a very amazing and wonderful awards night. This event was arranged in order to appreciate the hardwork of all the club members throughout the year.

In this RIY 2022-23, our club successfully conducted many mega events, for which all the club members worked together as one to make each one of them succesful.

We are very grateful to have such an amazing and hardworking members.

1. Rtr. Oorvi Dhotre - Best BOD member and most punctual club member.

2. Rtr. Vedant Kherud - Most active BOD member.

3. Rtr. Akshay Tangade - Most hardworking BOD member.

4. Rtr. Abhijeet Shinde - Club Trek Chairperson .

5. Rtr. Saloni Deshmukh - Most Hardworking Club member.

6. Rtr. Pratike Mundada - Most Supportive Club Member.

7. Rtr. Aditi Wayade - Appreciation For Shape The Junk 6.0.

8. Rtr. Shubham Shelke- Most Supportive Club Member.

Congratulations guys.

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