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The Ground Reality of Covid-19

Greetings Rotaractors!

Rotaract Club of Pune Mid-East successfully completed a Professional Development session in collaboration with:

🔹 Rotaract Club of Pune Warje

🔹 Rotaract Club of Pune Zenith

🔹 Rotaract Club of DYPACS

🔹 Rotaract Club of Sinhagad Dental College

on the topic:

The Ground Reality of Covid-19

📌 In this session we understood what goes in the hospital in reality from the doctor's perspective.

📌 We got to know about some technical terms concerning oxygen levels and at which level a person should be hospitalized.

📌 We cleared the myths about vaccines.

📌 We lastly understood about all the necessary precautions to be taken to curb this pandemic.

Post the session, we had an icebreaker session where we played The Adjective Game. Members of all the clubs had fun and got introduced to each other during the session 😁

The session was attended by 65+ Rotaractors and we thank all the Rotaractors and the collaborating clubs who came together and made the session fruitful and successful!

Let's stand these tough times together!


Rotaract Club of Pune Mid-East

Zone 6 | Rotaract District 3131

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