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Intrépide : An Entrepreneurship Summit

Greetings Rotaractors!

Rotaract Club of Pune Mid-East in collaboration with


Rotaract club of DAVIM

RAC Panvel Central

RAC Coimbatore Majestic

RAC Agnigarh

organized a Professional Development Initiative, INTRÉPIDE: An Entrepreneurship Summit

First Talk Session of Intrépide was addressed by Mr. Abhay Valsangkar,

Founder Alter Ego Learning and We Change NGO

The session took place on 9th May, 2021 at 5pm on Google Meet

In this session, we go to know the below points :

💰 Why is Entrepreneurship, the need of the hour

💰 What is Entrepreneurship, a combination of

💰 The 5 p Mindset of an Entrepreneur

💰 Not to limit the Boundaries

We thank all the collaborating clubs and members for joining this amazing session!

Keep Empowering, Developing and Achieving through Rotaract


Rotaract Club Of Pune Mid-East

Zone 6 | RID 3131

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