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Diwali Pahat 2020

🪔 Positive Rotaract Greetings 🪔

तेजोमय झाला आजचा प्रकाश, जुना कालचा काळोख,

सारे रोजचे तरीही भासे नवा सहवास,

सोन्यासारख्या लोकांसाठी खास, एक दिवाळी पहाट!

Rotaract Club of Pune Mid-East celebrated one of it's kind Diwali Pahat at Taljai on 15th November 2020.

🌠 We conducted a General Body Meeting, where every member was introduced.

🌠 Introduction was followed by an ice breaker session called Whisper Challenge, where a member wearing headphones had to guess what another person is trying to convey.

🌠 Diwali Pahat ended with a delicious club breakfast with the club members at Hotel Samudra.

Rotaract Club of Pune Mid-East wishes all the Rotaractors and their families a Happy Diwali and a prosperous new year!


Rotaract Club of Pune Mid-East

Zone 6

Rotaract District 3131

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