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“Sow Through What You Throw” - A Seed-ball Making and Deploying project

We, Rotaract Club of Pune Mid-East, initiated an all Avenue Project inspired from the theme of the District, named “Sow Through What You Throw” - A Seedball Making and Deploying project. This project was done on an international level as we had 1 club collaborating with us from Kenya as well. Apart from them, we also had 4 other clubs collaborating from India. The importance of Seedballs : Seedballs keep the seeds safe until the right time for germination. With this technique, tons of seeds can be scattered across areas in the mountains, inaccessible to hand-planting projects. Think of them as pollen grains, only bigger. The members of all the clubs made seedballs and then deployed them in areas to afforest them. It was also a nice club bonding activity for all as everyone enjoyed their time playing with mud. We also thank Council Member, Rtr. Ratnesh Singh, District Co-International Service Director for participating in this project. We also released the joint bulletin with the clubs for this project.

Duration of Project: 12th August to 31st August

Names of Club Joined:

Rotaract Club of Lala Lajpat Rai College, RID 3141

Rotaract Club of Ngong Hills, RID 9212

Rotaract Club of Ashoka Artisans, RID 3012

Rotaract Club of Coimbatore Gaalaxy, RID 3201

Rotaract Club of RJ College, RID 3141

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