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Rendezvous 3.0

💥 Rendezvous 3.0 💥 An Extended Diwali Meet #Growingstrongereveryday A meet, more memorable and cherishing of having 250+ rotaractors🤩😎 on the same platform, showcasing their talents through sand art and building stronger bonds🤝🏻 Here we are presenting some glimpses for those who missed Rendezvous 3.0😍🌟 23 clubs of RID 3131 came forward and 1039 agreements📄 were initiated🤩🥳 A total of 70 clubs all over the globe were connected through Rendezvous 3.0♥ Rotaract Club of Pune Mid-East thank all the fellow rotaractors who made the event grand and successful in all the aspects🌟

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