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World Rotaract Week Greetings! 🌏✨ We, Rotaract Club of Pune Mid-East, welcomed The World Rotaract Week by witnessing the first sunrise of the Week at ARAI hilltop 🌄 🧡! We also completed the first project of Rotaract 5️⃣2️⃣ , an International Services Intiative taken up in collaboration with Rotaract Club of Churchgate, RID 3141, @rc_churchgate 🚩 Flying Banner 6.0 🚩 The motive of the project was to take Rotaract beyond Rotaract 📈☸️, to introduce the people with the concept of Rotaract. The fitness enthusiasts at ARAI hill listened keenly to what we had to tell them about Rotaract 💯! An energizing start to the week! 💪🏻🤩 Keep Rotaracting! 🤝🏻💯 Regards, Team Rotaract Club of Pune Mid-East

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