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District Sports Meet (Indoor) SANGHARSH 🔥✨

😎😎 WIN IN YOUR MIND AND YOU WILL WIN IN REALITY😎😎 How was the sports meet (Indoor) we ask! Super fantastic they say😎🤩 🔹We thank all the participants and the team behind the successful District Sportsmeet (Indoor)SANGHARSH 🔥✨ Thanks for the immensable support by the host clubs Rotaract Club of Bibwewadi Pune Rotaract Club of DYPACS Rotaract Club of ENTC MCOE Rotaract Club of Pune Mid-East😎🔥 🔹Also congratulations to all the winners to made their mark in and showcased their sportsmanship and spirit🔥 Here are the winners : 1) Rtr. Shubham Shelke - Silver 🥈 Swimming 2) Rtr. Aditya - Gold🥇 Chess 3) Gayatri Yewale - Gold🥇 Females CrossFit 4) Rtr. Ranveer Jadhav- Gold🥇 Male Singles Badminton 5) PDRR Rtr. Arjun Dev- Silver🥈 Lawn tennis 6) Rtr. Ranveer & Rtr. Harshad - Silver🥈 Men's Doubles Badminton 7) Rtr. Ranveer - Rtr. Nidhi - Silver🥈 Mixed Badminton. 🔹 Last but not the least 🔥🔥Congratulations to the 🏆House Cup🏆 winners - bagged by Rotaract Club of Pune Mid-East🔥🔥 Regards, Rotaract Club of Pune Mid-East🔥✨

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